‘Reporter’ Will Smith Slapped is a Prankster

The alleged reporter Will Smith slapped is actually a prankster according to Goo Buzz. Vitalii Sediuk played a prank on Madonna in Venice’s 2011 Movie Festival. She gave her Hydrangeas to which Madonna, rolled her eyes and, immediately gave the gift to her assistant. She didn’t know she got played on. The kissing event was first reported by TMZ.comWill Smith was heard saying that the guy was lucky that he didn’t get sucker punched by the actor. The Men In Black 3 star was in Russia for the premier showing of the 1997 hit with co-star, Tommy Lee Jones.

Vitalii, a Ukrainian jokester, is featured in a documentary called, “The Most Annoying People 2011” according to movie database website, imdb.com. I think he’s living up to the billing this 2012.