Did you BLINK 2?

Movent's Carlo de Leon explains how CRM and Big Data make up the essence of what Digital Marketing is all about

Movent’s Carlo de Leon explains how CRM and Big Data make up the essence of what Digital Marketing is all about

I came expecting to doze off in a conference session filled with discussion about numbers.

“Analytics!” Whoopee! How can that be any more exciting?!

“It’s a boring topic!” exclaimed Subject Matter Expert, Tof Salcedo, when he opened the seminar.  But what greeted me and 70+ other delegates was an outpouring of information coming from the proverbial Fireman’s Hose. The details of topics covered was so huge that it felt like Manny Pacquiao hit me with combination punches. It was a rude awakening and a good one at that! For more than eight hours, I found myself wanting for more facts from industry leaders and experts who delivered one curious topic after another. It was a treat!

What am I talking about? Analytics!

It’s Day 1’s topic for Digital Marketing in a Blink 2 – Ideas Worth Sharing organized by Fiera de Manila. It’s their second offering this year, which they promised to be full of excitement and instructional.

In case you didn’t know, I am devouring Digital Marketing with gusto. What is Digital Marketing? It’s Marketing using digital channels — in a gist. Channels like Desktop computers, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones – all hooked up on the Internet where communities connect and sometimes collide. It’s a crazy world where information are passed in a BLINK!

This whole-day seminar was all about BIG Data as what Google Expert Tria Unson said explaining how companies can extract data and study it for the purpose of communicating right pieces of materials so companies can tell its intended market what product and services are being put out there. Through this seminar delegates were introduced to Google’s new product called, “Universal Analytics“.  Towards the afternoon, Team Planu President, Lawrence Villegas, provided useful tips on how to properly use emails so Marketing campaigns done through this medium can direct more traffic to companies’ websites and perhaps buy products from it — which DMs call, “Convert”.
MindYourMedia_Blink2It got more complicated — but fun — to study what Social Analytics (Analytics provided by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) is. This was profoundly explained by Ed Mapa of Havas Media who used the occasion to tell a story so attendees can appreciate the importance of this subject matter. SEOPinas’ Tof Salcedo talked about Basic Analytics and its relevance. He dug deep and talked about terminologies — the boring part he said and how Pay-per-Click (PPC) can be a company’s best friend in promoting services through keywords searched through Google.

Arthur Policarpio of Mobext went on the ‘offensive’ and challenged delegates to include Mobile with their tactical campaigns citing compelling reports that Smartphones are becoming a useful tool to reach Filipinos with brand messages. He also showed examples of how Mobile Apps are becoming more important to increase market penetration of a brand. Brands like McDonald’s are now using Mobile Apps to successfully execute their marketing campaigns. Last to present was Carlo de Leon of Movent who masterfully explained how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and BIG Data can spell unparalleled success in hunting down the right target market and use client’s budget efficiently and effectively.

These things are probably going over your head as I speak but you would be excited to know that Websites and Social Media exist for a reason and how they could already replace your run-of-the-mill advertising tools that you know of yesterday. Ads and commercials you see in print magazines and newspapers and televisions are great but they can only do so much because if you aren’t looking for what you’re trying to find there, you might not get it at all. Analytics combined with Customer Relations Management (CRM), companies can be sure that those who need to hear, see, watch the message can actually hear, see, watch, and even research the message being put out in a noisy world called Social Media.

Blink 2 is not for the faint of heart because you have to have the ever inquisitive mind to pursue and understand why things work the way they are. You can’t quit learning what you need to know because somehow, some time in the near future, you might not know what you will stumble upon can help more people and that requires a lot of action and yes, that’s what Social Networking is all about. It’s never static, it’s always asking for an action. So yeah, in this Digital World try not to BLINK because you need all the information you can get from seminars like this.

Say, did you BLINK 2? LAST DAY is tomorrow. Are you coming?

(Fiera de Manila is led by Norelyn Babiera)