Return On Investment: The Digital Age Challenge

Are you a Marketer who gets frustrated a lot when you didn’t meet the targeted Return on Investment (ROI) you promised your company? Or worse, when you can’t figure out why the results on the ROIs you projected didn’t come out the way you wanted it? In this day and age, marketing has become exciting and yet at the same time complicated because of the way our market is interacting with our brands. All of a sudden, our consumers react differently or they now buy based on informed choices. All of a sudden, you don’t know your customers. Like I said, it has become — complicated.

Before, with the help of some media measurement data, I would do Metrics and KPIs based on the objectives and execute them in all the materials my campaign needs:  I would perhaps just go for the most popular time slot, the most popular programs, and networks and dailies and expect a good result from it just because I have the budget for it.

That was before.

What I learned in the way I will do Digital Marketing from hereon is I will specialize my Metrics to determine my Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each tool I will use on the Internet. For example: I will use a different set of KPIs if I determined that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to my campaign or using Google AdWords, Banner Ads, or even the use of Social Media is required. Each of these tools will have different sets of objectives — as each function differently — that will help your brand determine if it is on its way to your desired ROI.

It sounds complicated but doing so will provide realistic and tangible results that will make owners and brand managers happier. (Side Note: By the way, just because I named SEO, AdWords, Banner Ads, and Social Media doesn’t mean you have to use all of them. You need to find out where your market is at and only then you can determine what tool you will use to your customer’s advantage.)

We all want to hit our targets, as marketers, and this will all be made possible if we understand our customers better and understanding them means we will engage them wherever they are and this can only happy if you start gathering details about your customers over a period of time.

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Register today!

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