Marketing is no Longer Business as Usual in the Digital Age

As marketers it is important to understand that Return On Investment (ROI) is not the ‘Holy Grail’ of determining the success of business goals. In a recent study published in, ROI is not what matters most in the business clime today. It seems that more and more companies are finding more success engaging in customer acquisition (42% of respondents) and continued customer service (36% of surveyed respondents) or maintaining happy customers. Big corporations are obviously putting more money here compared to companies who still focus on ROI as their gauge of success — which only registered 21% score.

Are you turning or straying?

Are you turning or straying?

The study is also saying that more and more business owners appreciate the purpose by which marketing is being conducted now unlike yesteryears where ROI is the main criteria for successful campaigns. Why the different trend? Competition. The market is now facing more choices and companies offering similar services will be against other businesses, which will compete for attention and retention of customers’ loyalty. You can say that customer preferences have become more complex given the amount of information where buyers compare brands and search for reviews on the Internet. This is especially true when our region in Southeast Asia will integrate and tariffs removed creating a huge outflow of companies competing for attention in a region of 600 Million citizens.

How can your company survive in such a climate? By studying data streams that can produce insights — data streams that Analytics will form to create information, which translates to a richer understanding of your market. Before, it used to be beneficial to reach millions of eyeballs to create brand awareness knowing after that a few can help your brand grow further. These few are called brand evangelists or to some, Super Fans, who has the ability to influence more customers and use their network of influence that can boost more awareness, more parity, and perhaps even more sales for the brand.

Business Owners, CMOs, Brand Managers, and those in-charge of communications should appreciate the importance of Analytics so metrics can be formulated to produce Key Performance Indicators (KPis) that will measure performance of online marketing efforts.  From Banner Ads, to Mobile Apps, to Search Engine Marketing, to Google AdWords, to Social Media — each one can be used to reach your desired market and potentially reach ROI.

The time to appreciate Marketing in this digital age is now. Businesses need to realize that being part of the trend to keep customers happy is more important than catching the trend after. I cannot emphasize enough the veracity of creating frameworks that will churn more customers in the process. Contact points consumers use today is evidently no longer exclusive to Television, Radio, and Print. Customers are now using Smartphones and Tablets — and soon Internet Television, Google Glasses, and others — as mediums where each one can carry your brand’s message through different touchpoints such as Social Networks, Search Engine Marketing, AdWords, Banner Ads, and Email Marketing to name a few.

Waste not. Register and join today.

Waste not. Register and join today.

So it is true today that the success of a brand to remain profitable in the future is hinged in using the right channels, which stems from analyzing mined data that we need to gather today in order for businesses to survive tomorrow.

I invite you to join the 7th Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of The Philippines (IMMAP) Summit this coming Thursday, 29th and Friday, 30th of August to take part in a conference where further discussions will center on Return on Investment (ROI) in this age of Digital Marketing. Register here for more details.


Return On Investment: The Digital Age Challenge

Are you a Marketer who gets frustrated a lot when you didn’t meet the targeted Return on Investment (ROI) you promised your company? Or worse, when you can’t figure out why the results on the ROIs you projected didn’t come out the way you wanted it? In this day and age, marketing has become exciting and yet at the same time complicated because of the way our market is interacting with our brands. All of a sudden, our consumers react differently or they now buy based on informed choices. All of a sudden, you don’t know your customers. Like I said, it has become — complicated.

Before, with the help of some media measurement data, I would do Metrics and KPIs based on the objectives and execute them in all the materials my campaign needs:  I would perhaps just go for the most popular time slot, the most popular programs, and networks and dailies and expect a good result from it just because I have the budget for it.

That was before.

What I learned in the way I will do Digital Marketing from hereon is I will specialize my Metrics to determine my Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each tool I will use on the Internet. For example: I will use a different set of KPIs if I determined that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to my campaign or using Google AdWords, Banner Ads, or even the use of Social Media is required. Each of these tools will have different sets of objectives — as each function differently — that will help your brand determine if it is on its way to your desired ROI.

It sounds complicated but doing so will provide realistic and tangible results that will make owners and brand managers happier. (Side Note: By the way, just because I named SEO, AdWords, Banner Ads, and Social Media doesn’t mean you have to use all of them. You need to find out where your market is at and only then you can determine what tool you will use to your customer’s advantage.)

We all want to hit our targets, as marketers, and this will all be made possible if we understand our customers better and understanding them means we will engage them wherever they are and this can only happy if you start gathering details about your customers over a period of time.

Register today!

Register today!

I invite you to learn more about Digital Marketing and how your company can take advantage of the information you will gather when you attend the 7th IMMAP Summit this 29th and 30th August. You will learn how to maximize the use of the Internet and boost your company’s productivity and efficiency. I hope to see you there.

Understanding Analytics

Analytics. What is that?

Analytics. What is that?

How important Analytics are in our lives right now? Let me explain first what it means:

Analytics is the use of data, statistical analysis, explanatory and predictive models to gain insights on complex issues.

What? My nose just bled.

To better explain Analytics, here’s a story: Martha went to the nearest department store because there’s a sale event. Within a couple of hours, Martha is out, happy and with all the discounts she got using her Rewards/Loyalty Card resulting to three bags full of items she bought. What Martha didn’t know was that the shopping store — aside from making her shopping experience happy — gathered all the information it needs to know exactly what Martha did inside the store. Aside from her name, birthday, address, and gender, which the store already got when she signed up for the Loyalty Card. The store also got the exact time she purchased the items and the brands that she bought including the number of pieces she got from the same brand and the competing brands including the total amount of items Martha paid from the sale and whether she used her credit card, her debit card, or whether she paid it all in cash.

Imagine the details the store got from Martha every time she goes into the store, buys something, and slides her card at the store’s cash register.  Now, imagine how many Marthas, Cynthias, Marias, Hannas, and even Michaels, Berts, Harrys, and Juans who have the card and start checking out the cash register: That’s data! An important ingredient to Analytics.

At a certain time, the store gathers all the details and processes it. The processing follows a model where it follows an objective. The objective is set by decision-makers of the company. Example of objectives would be: Who is going to my store? How many females versus males? What time of the day do they come to buy from me? What items do they like buying in this season? Things like that.

From these objectives, people analyze data to gain insights or awareness that forms into information that could now be used to solve challenges and problems.

Now this whole process is called Analytics. So in essence, Analytics cannot exist without data and data cannot be gathered if you don’t have a system that can even start gathering those details and then yes, you need a place where you can store all of these materials in one place, which you can use later to analyze according to an objective you want achieved.

You probably didn’t know those facts until I told you so and probably feel a bit violated by companies who gather information from your actions without your permission, however, they’re not prying into your lives but rather just gathering data so information can be formed and so companies can allocate more budget for things that will not just create profit for some but rather advantage to meet your needs (the society, in general!) or wants in the future.

Without data, we wouldn’t know that Cancer is a leading illness in the world today. Through data, governments and institutions can resource more money for projects that can address problems and help solve lingering social challenges. Information through Analytics makes government proactive to meet demands of its peoples or in business terms, its intended market.

Data used for the wrong purpose, can lead to destruction as well and so people who read data should understand the value of mining the details of information and determine how this can be destructive or constructive for the purpose improving lives of people.
Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 9.39.57 PM
I discovered, studied, understood, and appreciated Analytics while studying the Digital Marketing Certification course at the International Institute of Digital Marketing (Ateneo-IMMAP program) and attending BLINK Seminars organized by Fiera de Manila. I invite you to be a Digital Marketer and join us for the 7th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit this coming 29th August at the Power Plant Mall, Rockwell City in Makati. To Register, click here.

(My name is Kristoffer Atienza, I graduated as an artist and I will remain an artist that creates for the purpose of building a community that is safe and one that will help one another. I will achieve this through data and this is my resolve to achieve this through information I gather from Blink Seminars and IMMAP Summits.)

Did you BLINK 2?

Movent's Carlo de Leon explains how CRM and Big Data make up the essence of what Digital Marketing is all about

Movent’s Carlo de Leon explains how CRM and Big Data make up the essence of what Digital Marketing is all about

I came expecting to doze off in a conference session filled with discussion about numbers.

“Analytics!” Whoopee! How can that be any more exciting?!

“It’s a boring topic!” exclaimed Subject Matter Expert, Tof Salcedo, when he opened the seminar.  But what greeted me and 70+ other delegates was an outpouring of information coming from the proverbial Fireman’s Hose. The details of topics covered was so huge that it felt like Manny Pacquiao hit me with combination punches. It was a rude awakening and a good one at that! For more than eight hours, I found myself wanting for more facts from industry leaders and experts who delivered one curious topic after another. It was a treat!

What am I talking about? Analytics!

It’s Day 1’s topic for Digital Marketing in a Blink 2 – Ideas Worth Sharing organized by Fiera de Manila. It’s their second offering this year, which they promised to be full of excitement and instructional.

In case you didn’t know, I am devouring Digital Marketing with gusto. What is Digital Marketing? It’s Marketing using digital channels — in a gist. Channels like Desktop computers, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones – all hooked up on the Internet where communities connect and sometimes collide. It’s a crazy world where information are passed in a BLINK!

This whole-day seminar was all about BIG Data as what Google Expert Tria Unson said explaining how companies can extract data and study it for the purpose of communicating right pieces of materials so companies can tell its intended market what product and services are being put out there. Through this seminar delegates were introduced to Google’s new product called, “Universal Analytics“.  Towards the afternoon, Team Planu President, Lawrence Villegas, provided useful tips on how to properly use emails so Marketing campaigns done through this medium can direct more traffic to companies’ websites and perhaps buy products from it — which DMs call, “Convert”.
MindYourMedia_Blink2It got more complicated — but fun — to study what Social Analytics (Analytics provided by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) is. This was profoundly explained by Ed Mapa of Havas Media who used the occasion to tell a story so attendees can appreciate the importance of this subject matter. SEOPinas’ Tof Salcedo talked about Basic Analytics and its relevance. He dug deep and talked about terminologies — the boring part he said and how Pay-per-Click (PPC) can be a company’s best friend in promoting services through keywords searched through Google.

Arthur Policarpio of Mobext went on the ‘offensive’ and challenged delegates to include Mobile with their tactical campaigns citing compelling reports that Smartphones are becoming a useful tool to reach Filipinos with brand messages. He also showed examples of how Mobile Apps are becoming more important to increase market penetration of a brand. Brands like McDonald’s are now using Mobile Apps to successfully execute their marketing campaigns. Last to present was Carlo de Leon of Movent who masterfully explained how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and BIG Data can spell unparalleled success in hunting down the right target market and use client’s budget efficiently and effectively.

These things are probably going over your head as I speak but you would be excited to know that Websites and Social Media exist for a reason and how they could already replace your run-of-the-mill advertising tools that you know of yesterday. Ads and commercials you see in print magazines and newspapers and televisions are great but they can only do so much because if you aren’t looking for what you’re trying to find there, you might not get it at all. Analytics combined with Customer Relations Management (CRM), companies can be sure that those who need to hear, see, watch the message can actually hear, see, watch, and even research the message being put out in a noisy world called Social Media.

Blink 2 is not for the faint of heart because you have to have the ever inquisitive mind to pursue and understand why things work the way they are. You can’t quit learning what you need to know because somehow, some time in the near future, you might not know what you will stumble upon can help more people and that requires a lot of action and yes, that’s what Social Networking is all about. It’s never static, it’s always asking for an action. So yeah, in this Digital World try not to BLINK because you need all the information you can get from seminars like this.

Say, did you BLINK 2? LAST DAY is tomorrow. Are you coming?

(Fiera de Manila is led by Norelyn Babiera)

Why boycott CDO?


UPDATE (April 9, 2011) We invite you to read a related post on this matter of consumer activism, which many of us have become part of.

UPDATE (April 8, 2011) – IN A SUDDEN turn of events, CDO Foodsphere, Incorporated announced their advertising budget pullout from Willing Willing Show on TV5 this afternoon. “True to our statement dated March 31, 2011, this is to announce that our sponsorship Continue reading

Let’s take Jan-Jan’s Cause to Congress!

THERE’S POWER IN NUMBERS. Thank you for supporting our effort in writing all Willing Willie advertisers. Let’s now take our cause to the 15th Congress. The House Committee On Welfare of Children has led any efforts to act on Jan-Jan’s case so I made another letter template asking why they haven’t done more to lead this investigation.

Please copy and past the petition below and email it to Hon. Aurora Enerio-Cerilles who is the committee head of the said group. This effort is not to put down any lawmaker. This is to see if they’re out for our nation’s good. Let’s continue the work.


(Please copy the letter-template below, click the link below, and paste it on the field)

Dear Hon. Aurora Enerio-Cerilles:

Since Congress called for an investigation to the Willing Willie show incident, the Committee on Welfare of Children you lead have not made any visible steps nor file any bill that will protect the – welfare of children. The committee you head has jurisdiction over “All matters directly and principally relating to the needs, education and overall welfare of Filipino children. . .” I am surprised that it took Hon. Lorenzo ‘ Erin’ Tañada and Hon. Bernadeth Herrera-Dy to file House Bill 1146 (MTRCB Code of Ethics) and House Bill 4455 (Children Act of 2011) respectively. 

Children are not a side issue and as a citizen of this nation, I have equal responsibility to do every right thing to protect their rights. This includes closely monitoring every move congress makes that will curb abuse made on minors.

If congress will not do more, please know that this letter effectively becomes a record counting the number of days until members of this 15th Congress passes a bill that protects children’s rights. 

Respectfully yours,




Ipadala po dito: Hon. Aurora Enerio-Cerriles

Please send it here: Hon. Aurora Enerio-Cerriles




Tagalog version:

Salamat sa inyong pagsuporta sa pagsisikapang sulatan ang lahat ng mga advertisers ng ​​Willlie Revillame‘s show sa TV5, Willing Willie upang huwag nang mag-advertise sa show, gayunpamanhindi hihinto dito ang petisyon. Ang responsibilidad na ipasa ang mga batas na magpoprotekta sa karapatan ng ating mga anak ay nasa Kongreso. Dahil dito gumawa ulit po ako ng sulat upang ipetisyon ang agarang pagpasa ng nararapat na batas. Paki-copy and paste na lang po ang template na nasa baba at ipadala ito sa namumuno ng komite na si Hon. Aurora Enerio-Cerilles. Ang bawat miyembro ng kongreso ay may paunang responsibilidad na gumawa ng batas na magpo-protekta sa interes na ating bansa. Kailangan kumilos na po tayo ngayon upang masiguro ang pag-pasa ng batas para hindi na maulit pa muli ang pangyayari na katulad kay Jan-Jan.

Binibigyan ko din po ng parangal at pasasalamat sina Hon. Erin Tañada at Hon. Bernadeth HerreraDy sa agarang pagkilos sa isyu at pag-file ng House Bills 4455 at 1146.
Ipagpatuloy ang trabaho. May lakas sa nakararami.

Why are we doing this?

Every member of congress has the sole responsibility to enact laws that should protect our interest as a nation. We need to act responsibly and make every member of congress accountable to ensure passage of laws and such acts will not be repeated. 


Special Thanks

To this end, I want to thank Hon. Erin Tañada and Bernadeth Herrera-Dy for acting on the issue and filing House Bills 4455 and 1146. 




Help us Tell Willing Willie Advertisers, STOP!

(UPDATE! Send petition to congress too. Click here.)


THERE’S POWER IN NUMBERS: If you want to help stop Willing Willie’s unjustifiable maltreatment of its contestants – including children – please help me write letters to advertisers asking them to stop advertising in that show.

I made a template letter you can copy and paste to the heads of marketing from each advertiser of the show. I also posted the links of each advertiser’s ‘contact us’ form below.  

Dear Head of Marketing:

The Willing Willie March 12 incident became the spark of a public display of indignation detesting the culture manifesting from this show. The producers of the show lacked remorse when it issued a public apology supposedly addressing the situation. 

I can no longer tolerate the producers claim that this is an isolated incident. I detest the offensive excuse and remark TV5, Willie Revillame, and the executive producers gave in defense of their action towards the 6-year-old contestant, Jan-Jan. 

Willing Willie no longer reflect the ideals of your product. Please pull out your budget from the show and re-direct it in more effective promotions in other mediums/networks. If not, I will boycott your products as a sign of my support to the preservation of every person’s dignity guesting on this show.


WILLING WILLIE ADVERTISERS (Click on the link to re-direct you to the brand’s contact page)

Unilever – makes Vaseline

Contact Us:




Liwayway Marketing makes Oishi crackers, Smart-C Juice


P&G makes Head&Shoulders, Tide


SMART Communications


Aldrtz Corporation makes Pau Liniment


Technomarine (Asia Region)


Nurtiasia makes UFC Banana ketchup, Mang Tomas


Cebuana Lhuillier


Belo Medical Group (Reportedly pulled out but still send letter)



If you want to know more about why this move is relevant, please visit these other posts:

Parents, Willie Revillame, TV5, and Audience Shames Six-Year-old child

Despite apology, TV5 and Willie are not sorry

TV5’s Apology and What Jan-jan’s Face Shows

TV5’s Apology and What Jan-jan’s Face Shows

(Warning: The photos are disturbing. By looking through the pictures, you decided to take part in this discussion in taking a stand on the issue of this nation's apathy, loss of family values, and degenerating truth from lies. The images were posted in light of TV5's statement that is wrought of deception that will not add accountability to this network.) 

THE YOUTUBE site that gave you first hand of what the show Willing Willie did to a 6-year-old boy is no longer public:

So we made screen captures of the segment as it appears on the YouTube video. We juxtaposed TV5's apology note made in their website last March 29, which was seventeen days after the incident happened on Willie Revillame's show. We were flabbergasted by TV5 and Willie Revillame's supposed sorry note and took exception on the following statement TV5 made:

"He (Jan-jan) appeared to be sad or even in tears, not because he was being forced to dance, but because he felt the dance was “serious” and he was playing a role.  He did not want to smile because of his missing upper front teeth and because of the presence on the set of former basketball player Bonel Balingit who Jan-jan thought was a scary “giant”."

Take note that TV5 used the words, "appear", "playing a role", "scary "giant"" in reference to former PBA player Bonel Balingit. 

TV5 thinks the public is not as bright as intelligent as they should be. 

The images are as clear as daylight. Case in points:
  1. Willie Revillame started off by taunting the kid even bringing in Bonel Balingit on this segment.
  2. Fear is written all over Jan-jan's face. It's as if he was going to be punished if he did not do what Willie asked him to do.
  3. Jan-jan should've smiled already after his "role playing" – according to TV5 – as soon as he was done with his role. 
  4. Show host constant laughter and the crowd's show of hysterics is traumatizing.
  5. Willie Revillame went overboard by using Jan-jan as his entertainment "piece" in front of the audience.
  6. The audience has lost any sensitivities by approving Willie's antics against a child who's only commitment was to help his family.
  7. Willing Willie and TV5 betrayed Jan-jan and any sense of decency that should be maintained in any form of entertainment – whether taped or live.
Bottom line: Jan-jan was not amused but confused and fearful.

We hope to see government agencies, congress, and authorities to make sure the rights of children are protected.

Despite apology, TV5 and Willie are not sorry

Mr. Willie Revillame, the producers of ‘Willing Willie’ and TV5 sincerely and deeply apologize for the segment of the show featuring 6-year-old Jan-Jan Suan which viewers may have found offensive or in bad taste. We wish to stress that there was never any intention to humiliate or abuse Jan-Jan or any contestant on the show,” said the statement.

“. . .WAS NEVER ANY INTENTION to humiliate or abuse Jan-jan or any contestant on the show,” was TV5’s statement to even justify what Willie Revillame did to a traumatized six-year-old boy.

Is it business as usual? I think so. A popular saying stated this, “Whatever will not kill you will only make you stronger.” It seems like this event will only make – not just Willie Revillame – TV5 bolder and audacious and empower Willing Willie to do more to get their ratings up.

One of the many things the public can do to get their message across is to publicly boycott advertisers of Willing Willie. Can this be done? If the conviction of the public is strong enough to send advertisers that indirectly ‘prey’ on minors by supporting shows like this, then we can see the success of this endeavor.

The question now is – is the public game?


Read my previous blog about this matter

Read the oversight agency’s statement about this matter

Read the Social Welfare’s Department statement

Parents, Willie Revillame, TV5, and Audience Shames Six-Year-old child

IN WILLIE’S SHOW in TV5, “Willing Willie,” the audience gave off huge laughter and approval as a kid does what Willie Revillame labeled as “Burlesque” dancing in reference to an old movie.

Dancing to a Snoop Dogg hit, the boy innocently gyrates to the beat. My jaw dropped. This boy was exploited – first by his parents, next by his tita (who brought him to the show), next by the producers of the show, next by Willie Revillame, then the audience, then the executives of the show.

What parent would have their son dance like that and think it’s funny? Bar dancers want out of their jobs to do and live a decent life then this. A kid who only knows what is being fed to him does what he things will give happiness to his family.

I’m not going to talk about Willie because we all know what his reputation is. What’s utterly sad and disturbing are the kinds of feedback people make on YouTube that would just make you cringe:

masyado kasi kayong malisyoso mag isip. OA ung reactions ng iba. duh. (You guys are full of malice in your thoughts. The others are just over reacting. Duh.)” gorgeousgicel

MGA HATERS WALA KAYONG MAGAWA SA BUHAY. TINGNAN NYO NGA ANG LIKES SA VIDEO AT DISLIKES. MGA BOBO (All you haters just have nothing else to do. Just look at the likes and dislikes. You morons.)”MAEV123

. . .dirty dancing while crying what’s wrong? talent nya yon ang masama lang kung pinahubad xa ni Willie …Ano ba kayo konting bagay lang ginagawan ng issue…just watch and have fun (. . .That’s his talent and what should be bad is if Willie asked him to take his clothes off …What’s up with you guys it’s just a small thing that you guys are making an issue of. . .)”MSYashegny

In the name of entertainment, we allow media to do this as if it’s something we want our children to be when they grow up.

I am praying for JanJan right now and I hope you will too after seeing this video.

I’m praying for that this kid will be blessed to have his mind protected by the corruption being instilled by his guardians. I am praying that Janjan’s parents will understand soon enough that they need to love their child more and that this way of milking money from this child is not God’s way. I am also praying for the audience – laughing and approving this vicious thing to this child – to realize and repent from this way of life.

I hope the MTRCB, DSWD, and Congress will do something to protect the child’s welfare.

Please tell ABC5 what they need to do about this.