Live Suicide Shocks Fox Fans but…

Fox Anchorman, Shepard Smith, shouted “Cut it Off!” after this gruesome end to a man who took his life LIVE for all the see. (Composite by MYM / Images off of YouTube user jhbryaniv)

Fox viewers got the biggest shock of their lives when they witnessed a car chase that ended up violent. Unprovoked but looking distraught, the man ran several meters off of the vehicle, which reports says he stole, and pulled the trigger off of his right temple before slumping lifeless.

Fox got rebuked sharply by Twitter followers not soon after the Fox host, Shephard Smith, apologized profusely to televiewers saying something like this should never happen again. In fairness to Fox News, the live feed got cut immediately (a millisecond) after the gut-wrenching scene happened.

You just witnessed the power of live media showing life feed of Breaking News stories while feeling the might of social media that was quick to the draw criticizing one of the biggest news network in the United States.

What’s your take in all of this? Do you think Fox should be rebuked for the way they handled the coverage? Is this something our children should see in live television and get desensitized in the process? What about this shot I took off of YouTube, should it be banned? What’s your opinion?


‘www’ Ain’t the ‘World’ – Schmidt

This blows my mind about recent news in media. Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt laments that only two billion people of the world’s seven billion population is connected to the internet. Huh? He’s said that not every one’s online? Big deal?

Narrow the gap every where not just in world-wide-web, Mr. Schmidt

Internet is not important in countries who hardly need time to call someone just to cry for help and share stories of desperation. The order of their day is food and how to get it. “Getting connected” is the farthest thing in their minds. Besides, if I were in their shoes why would inter-connectivity be more important when my body needs food AND medicine to survive?

I don’t want to rant but this makes me frustrated. What’s his point? More businesses? It looks that way!

People in third world countries don’t even know what sleek Tablets to Smartphones are and couldn’t care what iPhones, Galaxy Tablets, Blackberries are. Big deal!

You know what the headline should be? I believe the two billion people connected can do something about what the five billion can’t – provide help. Help in forms of food, education, and yes, internet. Only then can we really establish a world that is truly connected and use ‘www’ as a rallying cry to help those who can’t help themselves.

Worldwide, we can work together and make sense of this “w-w-w” that Eric Schmidt is sorrowful about. Mind your media and do something to Work With a better World. Is this a good framework to start with, Mr. Schmidt?

‘Reporter’ Will Smith Slapped is a Prankster

The alleged reporter Will Smith slapped is actually a prankster according to Goo Buzz. Vitalii Sediuk played a prank on Madonna in Venice’s 2011 Movie Festival. She gave her Hydrangeas to which Madonna, rolled her eyes and, immediately gave the gift to her assistant. She didn’t know she got played on. The kissing event was first reported by TMZ.comWill Smith was heard saying that the guy was lucky that he didn’t get sucker punched by the actor. The Men In Black 3 star was in Russia for the premier showing of the 1997 hit with co-star, Tommy Lee Jones.

Vitalii, a Ukrainian jokester, is featured in a documentary called, “The Most Annoying People 2011” according to movie database website, I think he’s living up to the billing this 2012.

Jeremy Lin Scores Jesus a win

NFL is over but Christians all over the world have something to talk about again when another unnoticed Jesus fan became the darling of social media today. Mashable reported Jeremy Lin is one of the most researched name in the past few days after he gave the New York Knicks a big boost when he led the game and win it for the 1975 NBA Champs.

The last time people got wind of this great team was when Georgetown standout, Patrick Ewing, joined the ball club in 1985. He was picked first when the team got the first crack to pick rookies in the draft via a lottery. The Kninckerbockers never got to win any championships though but they’ve been a constant play-offs show until the famous center injured his wrist in 2000 and got shipped off to the Seattle basketball team franchise.

Would Jeremy Lin become the Christian advocate who will promote biblical values Christians are know for like NFL star, Tim Tebow, did? We’ll see but when you come across this quotes he made on his Facebook account, there’s no mistaking what he might just say next to the glory of God who made it all possible for him to be in this stage of his life.

Lin is now a missionary (in all sense of the word) and his faith has gotten the attention of the world where he has nothing to prove but his faith and love for Jesus.

  • Chinese Name: Lin Shuhao
  • Birthday: August 23, 1988
  • Heritage: Taiwanese-American
  • Hometown: Palo Alto, California
  • College: Harvard student
  • Quick History: Pac-10 didn’t recruit him; Ivy League Harvard and Brown wanted him but will not offer sports scholarship; Left Bay Area and paid his tuition fee in Harvard; Averaged 12.6 points in his sophomore year; Became the first player in Ivy League history to record 1,450 points (1,483), 450 rebounds (487), 400 assists (406) and 200 steals (225); Joined 2010 NBA draft but didn’t land any team in the pros; Got picked up by the Golden State Warriors as a free agent; The SF NBA franchise would send him to the NBA’s D-League program and would prove himself worthy of pros; The Knicks picked him three days before new year but was subsequently sent back to its D-League team Erie Bayhawks but got enlisted again after finishing triple-double (28 points, 11 rebounds, and 12 assists) in a game against a respected rival; February 4, 2012 became momentous when he scored 25 points, grabbed 5 rebounds, and dished out 7 assists against the New Jersey Nets.

Lin’s career is a roller coaster ride but his spirit, his God – Jesus Christ – cannot be beat. Will we see more of Jeremy Lin on the court? We just hope he gets more recognition like what Americans gave Yao Ming and Wang Zhizhi. Lin deserves more attention (albeit recognition) and just because he’s not flashy it doesn’t mean he’s ineffective.

If you want to join the fray and give the world a shout out for another Asian who’s making it big in this sport of basketball, tweet #Linsanity and give this man of God some high fives. You can also join the growing fans on his Facebook page and represent all Christians in the sporting arena.

SMART Employs ICMP Technology

After developing a new logo, SMART is also developing its services

According to a recent news report, Smart Communications (SMART) is moving further ahead in improving its services. It will employ a technology (in the very near future) that will strengthen its mobile computing capabilities. InTouch Connection Management Platform (ICMP in industry circuits) will empower SMART data plan subscribers to download files or stream data continuously without interruption. This is made possible when SMART partnered with a technology-provider, Greenpacket, to improve the country’s 3G and Wifi services and perhaps, increase its subscriber base in the process.

Watch and learn what ICMP Technology is below.

Battle for context: GMA7 and Christopher Lao

News is no longer news if it's out of context

GMA7 News erred big time when it showed Christopher Lao’s pitiful situation on national television showing him angry at the authorities (or people in the neighborhood) for not warning drivers – like him – of the waist-deep flood along Mother Ignacia Avenue in Quezon City. The public then took the news online and  in two days, Christopher Lao became all too famous for being selfish, arrogant, and indignant person blaming other but not himself.

For their part, the Kapuso news team didn’t think the item would be harmful to Mr. Lao.  They took it just as that – news. What they didn’t take into consideration was the online community’s appetite – wrong or not – for things like this that they can just share with others without thinking. What the GMA News team failed to think about is the context of Mr. Lao’s reasoning why he did what he did.

Since 24-Oras took the story to their nightly newscast, they should’ve been fair not just to Mr. Lao but to the public. The public was fed by what the news anchor, Mel Tiangco, said and told the viewers – that Mr. Lao was not apologetic and was even blaming others (the government in particular) but himself. This was GMA News’ context but not Mr. Lao’s. As read in this article, Christopher Lao: GMA7 News Victim, Mr. Lao was rushing to get to his family. The GMA reporter failed to ask that all-important question and concentrated his story in showing Mr. Lao as an angry man and made him to appear unfavorably in the eyes of the public.

Big network companies like GMA 7, ABS-CBN, TV5, and other news channels delivering information should understand the all-important rule and responsibility to be more circumspect in giving their spins on news they deliver – especially if they do not have all the facts. In fact, getting the context of a story should be included in getting the facts right because it’s not fun to be judged nor to be put on the microscope and scrutinized unfairly like what happened to Mr. Lao.