Live Suicide Shocks Fox Fans but…

Fox Anchorman, Shepard Smith, shouted “Cut it Off!” after this gruesome end to a man who took his life LIVE for all the see. (Composite by MYM / Images off of YouTube user jhbryaniv)

Fox viewers got the biggest shock of their lives when they witnessed a car chase that ended up violent. Unprovoked but looking distraught, the man ran several meters off of the vehicle, which reports says he stole, and pulled the trigger off of his right temple before slumping lifeless.

Fox got rebuked sharply by Twitter followers not soon after the Fox host, Shephard Smith, apologized profusely to televiewers saying something like this should never happen again. In fairness to Fox News, the live feed got cut immediately (a millisecond) after the gut-wrenching scene happened.

You just witnessed the power of live media showing life feed of Breaking News stories while feeling the might of social media that was quick to the draw criticizing one of the biggest news network in the United States.

What’s your take in all of this? Do you think Fox should be rebuked for the way they handled the coverage? Is this something our children should see in live television and get desensitized in the process? What about this shot I took off of YouTube, should it be banned? What’s your opinion?