Ad FAIL: M. Lhuillier’s Sleeping Guard

The security guard was unfairly portrayed as someone sleeping on the job

Have you seen the latest M. Lhuillier – Kuwarta Padala (Cash Remittance) commercial?

The advertising agency in charge of this account failed to uplift the honorable, decent, and worthy profession of our common, well-meaning folks – a security guard.

PLOT: M. Lhuillier endorser-lead character, Ogie Alcasid, shown excited to remit money to his daughter in college late in the evening only to be disappointed to see his usual remittance location already closed. A sleeping guard then “answered him in his sleep” that a nearby remittance location is open to serve his needs.

THE PROBLEM: Why portray a security personnel sleeping on the job? Is this the overall It’s not a question of reality because the focus is the lead character’s discovery that a nearby agency accepts 24-hour remittance service. The advertising agency could’ve shown an alert security guard that interacts with brand endorser, Ogie Alcasid. The alternative approach could’ve given honor to the profession and it would’ve justified the latter’s suggestion that referred Ogie to the nearby 24-hour M. Lhuillier money remittance location.

The ad left a bad taste because one, it typecast all security personnel as lazy, irresponsible that didn’t build the character of the profession and two,  as a business-owner we make light of serious situation that should not be communicated this way.

M. Lhuillier should know better. Humor for the sake of profit or putting others down is no way to do business for a big company like M. Lhuillier.


2 comments on “Ad FAIL: M. Lhuillier’s Sleeping Guard

  1. Bat ka naman umaalma? Security guard ba tatay mo at masyado kang affected???!!! EEEwwww!!!! Why not do a commercial with your security guard father and apply what you want??? HAHAHAHA!!!

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