New Bench Billboard Unfolds Today

BREAKING: After the much controversial removal of the Benchtm billboards on EDSA-Guadalupe, Mandaluyong by its city mayor, the said local shirt company is now putting something back in its stead. It’s unknown what they replaced it with but the first of four gigantic billboard says, “Throw”, which is one of the words Bench used in its underwear campaign with the Philippine Volcanoes (An All-Filipino Rugby Team).

The “Throw-Your-Support-Behind The Philippine Volcanoes” Bench underwear campaign caused a lot of stir with residents of Metropolitan Manila showing the national team rugby players in briefs. Majority of this nation has no previous knowledge of the sport, the club, nor their exploits, nor the players, which questioned the whole context of the said ads.

All eyes will definitely be on Bench again when they unfold their new billboard campaign this weekend and I’m sure they’re digging this post.

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