Pro-Poor Willie? Here’s Five Ideas for you

Willie Revillame

Are you sincere in helping the poor, Willie?

“Di ako masamang tao. Ang hangan ko lang ay magpasaya at makatulong sa mga mahihirap.” (I’m not a vicious person. My only desire is to bring happiness and to help the poor) – Willie Revillame, TV host (April 8, Yahoo! OMG Phils)

Willie, if you are sincere in helping “the poor”  please take my five suggestions then. If you are comfortable enough to say that you can go down from your lofty place to help the poor then you can help out more causes – if you are already doing so.

These are things anybody can do to help the poor.

  1. Build and operate shelters for the poor
  2. Join and support Gawad Kalinga projects
  3. Support a foundation that sends underprivileged teens to school (Real LIFE Foundation
  4. Support programs that inspire poor to build livelihood for themselves
  5. Put up an after school program for kids

His words remind me of politicians – and those who are in power – who timelessly use and patronize the poor to cement their “claim” as their champion. I think it’s time to really put money where your heart is, Mr. Revillame.


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