TV5’s Apology and What Jan-jan’s Face Shows

(Warning: The photos are disturbing. By looking through the pictures, you decided to take part in this discussion in taking a stand on the issue of this nation's apathy, loss of family values, and degenerating truth from lies. The images were posted in light of TV5's statement that is wrought of deception that will not add accountability to this network.) 

THE YOUTUBE site that gave you first hand of what the show Willing Willie did to a 6-year-old boy is no longer public:

So we made screen captures of the segment as it appears on the YouTube video. We juxtaposed TV5's apology note made in their website last March 29, which was seventeen days after the incident happened on Willie Revillame's show. We were flabbergasted by TV5 and Willie Revillame's supposed sorry note and took exception on the following statement TV5 made:

"He (Jan-jan) appeared to be sad or even in tears, not because he was being forced to dance, but because he felt the dance was “serious” and he was playing a role.  He did not want to smile because of his missing upper front teeth and because of the presence on the set of former basketball player Bonel Balingit who Jan-jan thought was a scary “giant”."

Take note that TV5 used the words, "appear", "playing a role", "scary "giant"" in reference to former PBA player Bonel Balingit. 

TV5 thinks the public is not as bright as intelligent as they should be. 

The images are as clear as daylight. Case in points:
  1. Willie Revillame started off by taunting the kid even bringing in Bonel Balingit on this segment.
  2. Fear is written all over Jan-jan's face. It's as if he was going to be punished if he did not do what Willie asked him to do.
  3. Jan-jan should've smiled already after his "role playing" – according to TV5 – as soon as he was done with his role. 
  4. Show host constant laughter and the crowd's show of hysterics is traumatizing.
  5. Willie Revillame went overboard by using Jan-jan as his entertainment "piece" in front of the audience.
  6. The audience has lost any sensitivities by approving Willie's antics against a child who's only commitment was to help his family.
  7. Willing Willie and TV5 betrayed Jan-jan and any sense of decency that should be maintained in any form of entertainment – whether taped or live.
Bottom line: Jan-jan was not amused but confused and fearful.

We hope to see government agencies, congress, and authorities to make sure the rights of children are protected.


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