Parents, Willie Revillame, TV5, and Audience Shames Six-Year-old child

IN WILLIE’S SHOW in TV5, “Willing Willie,” the audience gave off huge laughter and approval as a kid does what Willie Revillame labeled as “Burlesque” dancing in reference to an old movie.

Dancing to a Snoop Dogg hit, the boy innocently gyrates to the beat. My jaw dropped. This boy was exploited – first by his parents, next by his tita (who brought him to the show), next by the producers of the show, next by Willie Revillame, then the audience, then the executives of the show.

What parent would have their son dance like that and think it’s funny? Bar dancers want out of their jobs to do and live a decent life then this. A kid who only knows what is being fed to him does what he things will give happiness to his family.

I’m not going to talk about Willie because we all know what his reputation is. What’s utterly sad and disturbing are the kinds of feedback people make on YouTube that would just make you cringe:

masyado kasi kayong malisyoso mag isip. OA ung reactions ng iba. duh. (You guys are full of malice in your thoughts. The others are just over reacting. Duh.)” gorgeousgicel

MGA HATERS WALA KAYONG MAGAWA SA BUHAY. TINGNAN NYO NGA ANG LIKES SA VIDEO AT DISLIKES. MGA BOBO (All you haters just have nothing else to do. Just look at the likes and dislikes. You morons.)”MAEV123

. . .dirty dancing while crying what’s wrong? talent nya yon ang masama lang kung pinahubad xa ni Willie …Ano ba kayo konting bagay lang ginagawan ng issue…just watch and have fun (. . .That’s his talent and what should be bad is if Willie asked him to take his clothes off …What’s up with you guys it’s just a small thing that you guys are making an issue of. . .)”MSYashegny

In the name of entertainment, we allow media to do this as if it’s something we want our children to be when they grow up.

I am praying for JanJan right now and I hope you will too after seeing this video.

I’m praying for that this kid will be blessed to have his mind protected by the corruption being instilled by his guardians. I am praying that Janjan’s parents will understand soon enough that they need to love their child more and that this way of milking money from this child is not God’s way. I am also praying for the audience – laughing and approving this vicious thing to this child – to realize and repent from this way of life.

I hope the MTRCB, DSWD, and Congress will do something to protect the child’s welfare.

Please tell ABC5 what they need to do about this.


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