HIV cases rise in Mandaluyong

“Lahat ng call center agents na magtatrabaho sa Mandaluyong ay kailangang ma-check mabuti before they are issued medical certificates,” Abalos said.

Why target call-center agents? So what if infected men are not issued medical certificates? They can always get fake ones. The question we should address is, “What are we going to do to help these men?” We can always drive people out of work and out of the city by publishing sharp comments like this, however, we will not address the main problem of transmitting the disease to other unsuspecting victims. There should be a change in the lives of these people and sadly the city administrators cannot offer any help to ease the pain of these workers. Sadly we are quick to shun them and fail to provide help.

Now to drug dependents and men who have sex with other men, how can we help them realize this destructive path they’re taking? Their damning acts should stop and the community has the greatest opportunity to bring back values in their lives.

This article was successful only in causing more hurt to the city and to those whose lives are now ruined because of their mistake in getting this disease.


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