Who is the bigger problem, Kris Aquino-Yap or James Yap?

James on Kris: It’s up to her

Just this once, I want to dive into this latest Kris Aquino controversy. I wonder why Kris Aquino left their home so hurriedly and at the same time announced so early her troubled relationship with basketball sport star, James Yap.

Almost immediately, you can place the blame on the man for such problems in relationships but in their case, It’s worth taking a second look. To open up this situation, you want to ask these questions to give everything a better perspective – since this case is already very public.

First, why would James say, “It’s up to her,” when asked if there were more reasons why Kris broke up with him? Is he saying this out of frustration? Is this out of resignation? The public knows how Kris Aquino operate. She’s very candid to the point of being tactless at times. Second, why would James be involved with other women when he knows very well the consequences of such actions? Third, why is there no buzz of what exactly went wrong with the two knowing the public have all the access they need to know the personal lives of these two celebrities? You become suspicious already.

As much as I want to give Mrs. Aquino-Yap the upper hand here, unless there’s more proof of James infidelity (again!), then surely this is fast becoming a one-sided contest seeing the latter losing by a mile.


Steve Jobs to crowd: ‘We’re having a little problem here’

“Well, I’m sorry, guys, I don’t know what’s going on,. . .”

Stever Jobs always wows the crowd with his remarkable presentations. I haven’t been to one (and I wish I could see him do product launches in Manila – dream on) but you can just imagine how he weaves his magic and uses such tools like iPhones and iPads to push his product. This time, though, he was lost for words and couldn’t get the wifi network to get back one. The whole thing happened – for what seemed to be for Jobs like an eternity – during his iPhone 4 product launch but the audience were forgiving. But they weren’t as nice to AT&T who provided the wifi network to this event. Nonetheless, it was a welcome not that such an iconic person like Jobs is human afterall and that no matter how un-stellar the presentation was, people love Mac right now – no matter what.