No one handed Kim Chiu Kleenex

“Give her some tissue for crying out loud!” I shouted.

New gossip TV show host KC Concepcion interviewed Kim Chiu today (April 19) in her new segment in The Buzz called, “KCx (KC Experience).” TV Soap star, Kim Chiu, guested and was feted with a video tribute of her life.

After watching the segment, Kim Chiu – flooding with tears and all – was visibly uncomfortable as KC shoots questions that made her even cry more. In all of these, Ms. Chiu gamely pleaded, “Tama na!” (because the tears was ruining her make up and she couldn’t stand crying more), but the interview just flowed further.

In all of this no one had a courtesy of handing Ms. Chiu a Kleenex, a tissue that would help her dry her free flowing tears. Was it intentional? Didn’t anybody think about bringing out Kleenex for her? I could understand the need to sustain the interview and make her cry because it’s good publicity and advertising MONEY but without giving her something to dry her tears is offending and unusually cruel if you ask me.



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